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All Epona Web Design websites are marketed to work to your advantage by using our proven Google friendly Search Engine Optimisation – SEO skills, and various strategic on-line marketing techniques.  All of which would be discussed with you beforehand.

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There are still many people who are unfamiliar with the term Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is often abbreviated to. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a clever technique used by a website designer or Search Engine Optimisation expert in order to increase the visibility of a website by ensuring a higher ranking during an on-line search with Google, Bing etc. For example, a website which is on page 11 of a Google search is not going to receive nearly as much traffic (if any) as a website on page 1 or 2. There are many ways in which to increase the Google ranking of a website, and the fact that Epona Web Design are on page 1 with Google is testimony to the fact that Epona know all the Google friendly White Hat techniques. Websites using Black Hat techniques often find websites heavily penalised by Google as they go against Google policies. Often the first that web designers or businesses know about this is when they find their website no longer listed, or a vastly decreased ranking!


There are two different variations of spelling Search Engine Optimisation. The English version being Search Engine Optimisation, whereas American’s prefer to replace the “s” with a “z” to spell it Search Engine Optimization. The simple rule of thumb here is that both versions are correct and recognised by Google, but as I am UK based I merely stick with the UK version.


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